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Book Review – “The Whirlwind Principle” by Dr. Tom Pousche

You may have seen the insurance commercials on television advertising protection against catastrophic storms.   Scenes of hurricane, tornado and earthquake damage wrecking the lives of people and property are truly heartbreaking.    But are there any protections for the whirlwinds affecting you in r personal dealings?  Things like family and friends or employers and fellow employees may be areas in your life that are causing stress and anxiety you just don’t know how to deal with effectively. 

Dr. Tom Pousche has provided us some practical biblical principles to address the issues affecting each one of us.  In his book, The Whirlwind Principle, Dr. Pousche observes that we are either coming out of a whirlwind storm, in the middle of one, or just getting ready to enter a whirlwind.  Facing these three realities, how does one break free from the clutches of your personal circumstances to mastery of your life?

First, Dr. Pousche suggests some helps in identifying the root causes that create a whirlwind in your life.  Second, he discusses how to break the cycles that creates such storms.  Then, and perhaps most importantly, Dr. Pousche offers three keys to break  free of the maelstrom you are experiencing and get you moving in the right direction.

Don’t hesitate.  Why not pick up a copy of The Whirlwind Principle now for you, your family and friends who need personal insurance in the storms of life.

Jim Draper

Vice President of Human Resources–Retired 

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